Seamless tech
without the headache.

Discover what a smooth and easy business feels like when the tech is right for your needs and set up to work for you.
(Instead of the other way around)

Give me 30 minutes and I'll show you the 5 tools you must have in place to grow your business.

You: phenomenal, driven service-provider.

Also you: wanting to grow your business, but overwhelmed by all the online tools out there and about ready to smash your computer to bits.

How would it feel to have a friendly, non-judgmental tech expert block off her entire day and focus 100% on you?

The best move I took was hiring Temima Gass for her day-intensive.
Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

Your project is unique. It deserves my undivided attention.

Just me + your project for the day, and I get. it. done.

Here are some examples of what you can get in a day:


Fully branded and white-labeled 10-module course with multiple forms of content + payment system 


Email marketing platform with segments and tags, 2000+ subscribers migrated, with templates, forms, and sequences


Detailed sales funnel, complete with landing page, payment options, product delivery, and 10+ emails

Book a day for a specific project, or to knock off a long list of techie tasks that have to get done.

Hi, I'm Temima.

If you’re looking for easy, seamless tech that just *flows*, you’ve arrived.

Here we’ll cut through the tech overwhelm, choose the right software for your needs, and get it set up for success the first time β€” because your business is too important to leave to haphazard and manual systems.

You’re a genius at your craft, and I’m a genius at tech, so together we’ll build something incredible!

Highly recommend Temima. She did amazing work with my email lists and tags to make my 2022 email marketing campaigns rock!
Dalia Brunschwig

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Full-service setup
$ 3000
  • Let's set up the foundations of your business online, with all the tools β€” and strategy β€” you need to grow a smooth and streamlined business.


One-service setup
$ 1500
  • Let's set up one area of your business for success β€” think email newsletter, funnels, client experience, course platform, etc.

Strategy Session

get set for success
$ 250
  • Review your business structure and goals, and make sure you have the tech tools to set you up for long-term success

All set with your foundations, but need ongoing tech help?

I don't currently offer on-demand or retainer tech help, but here's the next-best thing:

TechHelpers Membership


The only monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to a tech expert for all your business tech woes.

Not sure what you need right now in your business?

Book a free 15-minute consultation to get started.

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